About the Book

The Editor

"Try not to worry. It’s true what they say: finishing a book is easy – editing is hell. It might seem like a lot to take in, but that’s what I’m here for. Once you’re holding the first published copy in your hand, you’ll think it was worth it, trust me."

Eighteen-year-old Emilia Ana runs a small editing business to put herself through school, and she's known as the best editor around. Every book she works with becomes a bestseller, every client famous. Many wonder what her methods are, but anyone she's ever worked with refuses to tell. Because Emilia has a secret. A gift she acquired from an old tutor allows her to send writers inside their own books as though they are characters in their own worlds. This secret method has earned her great success and a waiting list that has some hopeful authors waiting years.

However, this secret has also gained her some unwanted attention, and Emilia soon finds that there are those who would do anything in order to obtain her gift and fame. As she tries to keep herself ahead of this new danger, she also struggles with a unique new client and a problem she has never encountered before: what happens when a writer wants to go into their book with the intent of never leaving?


An elf, a human, and a dwarf walked into a bar. It was almost like the start of a joke, Emilia thought, but one that had run itself ragged from being told over and over, the familiarity of the joke working against even the comedian, who had told it so many times that any feeling had been long since lost in the habit. She was tired of it, so very tired of it, but it refused to die. Everyone wanted an elf, a human, and a dwarf these days, and they were all the same. Her only consolation was that she was being paid good money to endure it.


"You're taking too long to write this book."

"I'm still a little salty that you chose to finish Ghost Walk before this one."