About the Book

Trials of Time

"It doesn’t work like that, you know. People act like time is so fragile, that if you go back in time and accidentally kill an insect it’ll make the future completely different. Time is too strong for that."

In the near future, after time travel was invented, it didn't take long for a tyrant to seize power and abuse time travel for his own gain. A man named Sairo took over and rules with an iron fist; his secret police force, The Chronos Order, captures dissenters and sends them backward and forward in time, never to be seen again. One young man, Kirik, has stood in his way, determined to stop at nothing to put an end to Sairo's reign of terror. The son of a man punished by Sairo's regime, Kirik has a gift for speech, and soon has the support of the nation at his back.

After years of terror, Sairo seems ready to stand down, and invites Kirik to witness the government-sanctioned destruction of every last time machine in the nation. Kirik is relieved, and looks forward to finally putting his life on the run from The Chronos Order behind him, and to settling down with his fiancée. But a voice in the back of his mind persistently reminds him that men like Sairo never truly change.


Quickly, and perhaps wisely, the government stepped in to take control of the technology. Most people complained, as people often do. Too much government control, they said. Stay out of our lives, they said. But some of us knew that it was for the best. Humans caused more than enough damage to their own kind and to their own world during just the lifetimes they had. What would happen if we were to give them control of time itself?


"You say you haven't even started on it but I can see the excerpt right there. Don't lie to me."

"You realize that the only thing you'll accomplish from writing a time travel book is people pointing out all the continuity mistakes you made, right?"