About the Book

Through The Golden Door

"It is difficult to explain, but in this world everything fits. These new creatures… they do not. You can sense it when you see them – they are not supposed to be here.”

Imagine a world of magic, adventure and wonder. Imagine being able to control everything around you simply by using your imagination. Imagine being able to fly across vast skies, explore cities made of gold and experience the wonders of the world like you've never seen them before. Now imagine you only need to fall asleep to get there.

Kai and Lindsay stumble across the entrance to the Dream Sanctum, a massive world where people are limited only by their imaginations. However, due to an experiment gone awry, horrible creations called Nightmares are set loose into the Sanctum. They are not bound by the laws of the Sanctum and attack dreamers from the shadows, sending them into a fitful sleep from which they cannot wake.

Together, along with child prodigy Kwin, master swordsman Alastor, and overconfident hero Hercules, Kai and Lindsay set out to destroy the Nightmares and their creator before the whole Sanctum is overrun.


“You haven’t heard the rumors? You said you were there, kid! Anyway, you remember those ravens that were circling over the Coliseum? No one knows what they were. Kinda mysterious, gave off a bad vibe, you know. People are saying that bad things are starting to happen. Shadows popping up in places they shouldn’t, animals gone mad… some are even saying that it’s the Nightmares that have finally come.”


"I finished the whole thing in one sitting, and I can definitely say that it's one of my favourite books."

"I must have read this book at least five times already, and I can't wait for the second."

"Flying, epic sword fights, airships, mythical cities, there's a lot to explore in the dream world. And when dangers sets in, it is powerful, dangerous, and frightening."