About the Book

Beyond The End

"I heard rumors that the border was created to stop sailors from venturing too far out into the ocean. It is said that no ship that ever crosses that point ever returns."

The restless cast of The Dream Sanctum decides to go where no one has ever gone before. With a brand new ship and less-than-desirable company, Kai leads the way as they sail out into the vast oceans to discover what lies in the uncharted waters of a dream. They soon meet everything from a reclusive population the Sanctum has no record of, sea monsters, and living islands.

During their travels, however, they begin to realize that one of their companions is not all they have claimed to be. The friends try their best to solve this mystery, but they soon find themselves separated from each other, and are tested by the world itself in every way imaginable.

As they try to solve these mysteries and return to their home safely, they realize there is a very good reason the secrets beyond the Sanctum's borders have been left alone - and that the reason no one knows what's out there is because every explorer who went to find out never came back.


Where before there had been a seemingly endless stretch of ocean, there was now just a small area left. In the near distance the water seemed to simply end as though they had reached the side of an infinity pool, but there was no wall. The water simply seemed to drop off the edge of the world. There was no foamy storm of current and no roaring sound of water pounding against the ground wherever it fell. It was dead silent and still, and Kai realized that there was no way they would be able to turn the ship around in time.


"This book is very well-written, surprising, and it takes quite a dark (and alarming) turn in the middle of the book. Don't cheat and skip ahead though, it's worth reading all of it."

"I will always love the mood of these books though, in some parts it's serious enough to make you cry but it always keeps your spirits up."

"This takes the best and brightest characters in the world and pushes them to their limits. The character development in this book in particular is fantastic."